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Album: Bearer Of The Darkest Plagues (2010)

Song: Genocide Of The Kingdom

Bitrate: 192kbps

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The History of Blasphemous

2003: The concept of Blasphemous started with vocalist R.K. and drummer Poltergeist, both seasoned musicians who had played together in the band Grindshaft (with Poltergeist on guitar) until it broke up. Poltergeist switched to drums, and they banded together and decided to fly their own flag and begin their own band concept.

October 2003, guitarist S.C. Inferno joins Blasphemous and the early music of the band has black metal, death metal and thrash influences.

March 2004: Poltergeist moves away and is now with the Death Metal beast known as Sacraficium. After trying out a few candidates over a period of several months, they decided on Unknown on drums, who wowed the band with not only his skill but the way he fit in. With Unknown on board the band continually practiced to achieve greater tightness and wrote more songs that reflected their collective influences of black/thrash/death metal.

August 2004:Decrepit, a highly experienced bass player from the FLA scene, is added to the band.

March 2005: Blasphemous finishes a 5 song demo CD titled "Storm Of Chaos".

August 2005: Former 'Ten X Hate' guitarist A-Bomb joins.

April 2006: Blasphemous and SC Inferno part ways.

December 2006: Guitarist RW Commando is added to the lineup.

February 2007: Decrepit leaves the band and is replaced by Lord Fuath. During the spring/summer of 2007 "Incineration Of The Cult" is recorded and mixed, and Blasphemous continues their assault on various stages throughout the mid-atlantic region.

November 2007: Lord Fuath leaves the band and is replaced by the return of Decrepit.

January 2008: Blasphemous and RW Commando part ways.

February 2008: "Incineration Of The Cult" is released on Grim Nocturnal Records (RIP) but is still available through the band.

Fall 2008: Lead guitarist Aavistus joins bringing additional depth and presence to the band.

January 2009: Recording begins for the second full-length CD.

Our newest release "Bearer Of The Darkest Plagues" is available for digital download through Forces Of Satan Records webshop, and is released on CD through BAARS Records.

May/June 2010-Decrepit(bass) is kicked out of Blasphemous. Then Unknown(drums) leaves Blasphemous to pursue other projects

March/April 2011-Aavistus leaves Blaspheous to pursue is education across the country in LA. Blasphemous adds Angelo Duca(AD) on drums